Keep Your Wig As Good As New All The Times

Different types or wigs are used to style your hair and even to hide your baldness. It’s not appropriate to buy new one each and every time, but proper care should be taken. There are many products available to take care of your wigs. Synthetic wigs are made from hair only, so there care is to be taken the same way as you care for your natural hair, but these hairs do not naturally grown on your head so it’s difficult to wash them.

Keep Your Wig As Good As New All The Times

Ways For “Synthetic Wig Care

First and foremost remove the tight curls from your wig, using your fingers and then gently brush it using a wig brush. Make sure not to use brush to remove the tight curls. Once done, you need to use shampoo which are formulated and developed especially for “Caring Synthetic Wigs”. Take a basin and fill it to third with water and add synthetic shampoo into and soak your wig into it. Leave it soaking for six to seven minutes. Remove the wig and then rinse it in cold water and remove the shampoo, apply wig conditioner and allow the fiber to absorb the conditioner for some time and then wash it using cold water. Make sure it’s properly cleaned.

Once conditioner, clean the wig with the help of a towel and gently pat out any extra amount of water from it. Make sure never to rub it. Never use a hair dryer as it will damage the fiber and do not use any other form of dryer. Keep synthetic wig away from any source of heat and flame. Once you have properly washed and towel the wig, clean the wig and leave it on wig stand and let the air thoroughly dry it. Once completely dry after that, only make use of the comb and set the wig to its original shape.

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